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A.V.K. Trust was formed in the year 2000 under the initiative of Founder Trustee and Chairmanship of Dr. Rajeev Rai with a motto to “Educate a Child in True Sense” and to impart professional degree courses in Computer Applications,Bio-Technology, Microbiology and Nursing to meet the immediate challenges in promoting entrepreneurship and facilitates effective technology transfer to the user. These courses are all set to open up new vistas, exiciting avenues for the students by promising excellent career opportunities at national and International levels.

” In the present e-age, competition persists in almost every walk of life and hence the present decade is termed as the decade of competitions. Ironically, this challenging term seems to be missing in its true spirit in most of the modern educational institutions. The strong conviction of making a person educated in true sense and not merely a Literate makes us a little different. we are also proud to offer the scholarship programmes for the deserving students who are meritorious and are deprived of availing quality higher education .Today, our institutions proudly stands tall with repute of scoring merits second to none and the status with a student strength of over 2,000 comprising students from all over the country and from various sections of the society.   ”  


                                                                                      Dr. Rajeev Rai

NSVK Holy Mother English Medium School
NSVK S V College of Pharmacy – Diploma in Pharmacy
NSVK S V School of Nursing – General Nursing and Midwifery
AVK School of Nursing – General Nursing and Midwifery
AVK College of Nursing – B.Sc Nursing
AVK First Grade College – B.Com/ BCA/ B.Sc/Bio-Tech/Chemistry/Micro – Bio.
AVK Institute of Management – MBA

Brite Institue of Management & Science

Brite Colleg of Nursing

Brite School of Nursing

We wish to illuminate the lives of our students with our newly adopted system – “Nothing ever was achieved without enthusiasm.”


Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru – A great Nationalist and an Educationalist apart from the famous images of a Statesman and a Writer, had a vision and dream of a modern India. His deep patriotism made him infuse his lofty ideals of selflessness, humanity, eradication of illiteracy, character building, ethical values accompanied with a scientific temper of mind. Inspired by these ideals, founders of N.S.V.K. Institutions felt the urgent need for infusing these qualities in children who would be the future pillars of a strong nation. Hence, N.S.V.K. was named after the great leader as the founder”s aspired to make Pt. Nehru”s dream a reality.

Nehru Smaraka Vidya Kendra is among the reputed few educational institutions of Bangalore. Started with the inception of a primary school in the year 1966 was the first step in response to the need for society then, and there after followed the track of self-reliance giving birth to a number of institutions which includes High School, Pre-University College, Degree College, College of Pharmacy and a School of Nursing among others.

Among the philanthropic gestures of the new management under the chairmanship of Dr. Rajeev Rai and his associates is the selfless and untiring efforts towards the dedicated service to the cause of education through the past that has made the institution now stand at the pinnacle of excellence.

Our aim is to amalgamate all aspects to make the students as true citizens. This requires inculcating the true spirit of education in students, imparting knowledge in the right way, bookish as well as practical and cementing this knowledge with humanism, patriotism and selfless knowledge that would serve their purpose in all walks of life and strengthening the same with the qualities of humbleness, modesty and simplicity which Dr. S. Radhakrishnan often reiterated in his addresses to the students and educationalists.

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