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Categories: Paramedical Courses

About Course

MSc Nursing programs in Bangalore offer advanced education and training for registered nurses seeking to deepen their expertise in specialized areas of nursing practice or pursue leadership roles in healthcare. Bangalore, being a hub for education and healthcare in India, hosts several esteemed institutions offering MSc Nursing programs. Here’s an overview of what you can expect from pursuing MSc Nursing in Bangalore:

MSc Nursing, or Master of Science in Nursing, is a postgraduate degree program designed to further advance the knowledge and skills of registered nurses (RNs) who already hold a bachelor’s degree in nursing. Here’s an overview of what you can expect from an MSc Nursing program:

  1. Advanced Nursing Practice: MSc Nursing programs often focus on advanced nursing practice, which includes specialized roles such as nurse practitioner, clinical nurse specialist, nurse educator, nurse administrator, nurse researcher, or nurse informaticist. Students may choose a specific track or concentration based on their career goals and interests.
  2. Advanced Clinical Training: MSc Nursing programs provide advanced clinical training and experiential learning opportunities in specialized areas of nursing practice. Students gain expertise in assessing and managing complex health conditions, performing advanced nursing procedures, prescribing medications (in jurisdictions where allowed), and providing comprehensive patient care.
  3. Advanced Theory and Research: MSc Nursing curriculum includes advanced coursework in nursing theory, research methods, evidence-based practice, healthcare policy, healthcare informatics, leadership, and management. Students learn to critically analyze research literature, design and conduct nursing research projects, and apply research findings to improve clinical practice and patient outcomes.
  4. Specializations: MSc Nursing programs often offer various specializations or concentrations to allow students to focus on specific areas of interest within nursing. Common specializations may include adult-gerontology nursing, pediatric nursing, family nurse practitioner, psychiatric-mental health nursing, oncology nursing, nursing education, nursing administration, or nursing informatics.
  5. Interdisciplinary Collaboration: MSc Nursing programs emphasize interdisciplinary collaboration and leadership in healthcare. Students learn to work effectively with other healthcare professionals, advocate for patients and communities, and contribute to healthcare policy development and implementation.
  6. Professional Development: MSc Nursing programs aim to develop advanced nursing professionals who demonstrate leadership, critical thinking, ethical decision-making, and cultural competence. Students are prepared to assume leadership roles in nursing practice, education, research, administration, and healthcare advocacy.
  7. Certification and Licensure: Depending on the specialization chosen, graduates of MSc Nursing programs may be eligible to pursue additional certification or licensure in their respective areas of practice. Certification requirements vary by specialization and jurisdiction.

Overall, an MSc Nursing program provides registered nurses with the advanced knowledge, skills, and credentials needed to excel in specialized nursing roles, advance their careers, and make significant contributions to the nursing profession and healthcare delivery system. It’s an excellent choice for RNs seeking to expand their scope of practice and take their nursing career to the next level.


2 Years (Full Time)

Recognized By

Recognized by INC vide letter No. 02/04/2010-INC Dated 21/4/2010. Affiliated to RGUHS.


1. Pass in B.Sc (Nursing) or Post Basic B.Sc in Nursing Degree of Post Certificate B.Sc Nursing from Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Karnataka or any authorized University.

2. Minimum of one year of experience after obtaining B.Sc (Nursing) Basic, in a Hospital or in an Educational Institution or Community Health setting. For candidates with Post Basic B.Sc in Nursing Degree, No such experience is needed after graduation.

3. Registered in any State Nursing Council as Registered Nurse and Midwife.


I . Medical Surgical Nursing

II. Community Health Nursing

III. Paediatric Nursing

IV. Obstetrics and Gynaecological Nursing

V. Psychiatric Nursing

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Course Content

First Year:
Nursing Education Advanced Nursing Practice Nursing Research and Statistics Clinical Speciality - I (Specialization chosen by the student) Clinical Speciality - II (Specialization chosen by the student)

Second Year:
Nursing Management Nursing Research Dissertation (Research Project) Clinical Speciality - III (Specialization chosen by the student) Clinical Speciality - IV (Specialization chosen by the student)

Students pursuing MSc Nursing at RGUHS can choose from various specializations based on their interests and career goals. Some common specializations include: Medical-Surgical Nursing Pediatric Nursing Obstetrics and Gynecological Nursing Psychiatric Nursing Community Health Nursing Critical Care Nursing Oncology Nursing Cardiovascular and Thoracic Nursing Neurosciences Nursing Nephrology Nursing Orthopedic Nursing Geriatric Nursing Neonatal Nursing

Internship/Practical Training:
In addition to the academic coursework, MSc Nursing students typically undergo a period of internship or practical training in specialized clinical settings relevant to their chosen specialization. During this period, students gain hands-on experience, apply theoretical knowledge in clinical practice, and develop advanced clinical skills under the supervision of experienced nursing faculty and preceptors. It's important to note that the syllabus may be subject to revisions and updates by the university. Students should refer to the official website of RGUHS or contact the university's academic department for the most current and detailed information regarding the MSc Nursing syllabus, including specific course requirements, credit hours, and elective options.

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